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I’m Doing Nothing Today, and not Giving a F*ck

I have decided that I am doing nothing today.

Well, actually I am doing something. I am stay-at-home-momming this month and working outside the house very little.

Yesterday and today I have my friend’s four-month-old daughter, Mila, to test out the childcare swap we will be doing in September. So it really is stay-at-home-ing because we didn’t leave the house yesterday. I planned to attempt it today, but I have changed my mind.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I am exhausted. (Not Sophie’s fault, she sleeps better than we do!)

I had a personal training client at 5:30 am, and I usually workout after training her, but I went back to bed to try to go back to sleep. No joy.

Since I am unable to sleep, I figured I would just have to power through the day. This morning I struggled to gather the energy to make breakfast, bathe Sophie, and clean the kitchen.

But then I realized it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing.

Just because I can’t sleep doesn’t mean I have to ‘do’ and be productive.

If I have the energy to snuggle at least one baby or read my book, that is what I will do. I will hide the four of us (me, two babies, and Kenzie dog), in our air-conditioned bedroom, play with the babies when they are awake, and read and write while they sleep, and that will be enough.

Honouring the energy that you have can be challenging due to ingrained ideas about how your day has to go and what you ‘need’ to do. Hopefully there will be days that you sleep well, eat well, and have boundless energy in your bank. Spend that energy frivolously on those days. But we can’t spend frivolously every day, or we will run out of energy in the bank.

So on low-energy days, spend your energy and your time with awareness and self-kindness, and don’t give any f*cks about how anyone else is spending their day.


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