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Muscles & Mindset


The only holistic online program for women where they receive:


Aligned, Inspired Life Coaching;

 Custom, Specific Fitness Coaching & Programming

High-Vibe Accountability;

Intuitive, Logical Nutrition Coaching; and

Intentional, Mindful Fitness



From Trainerize to daily mini-check-ins to comprehensive, weekly check-ins, you will feel authentically & fully supported.


EVERYTHING has a purpose (your warm-up, corrective exercise, accessory work, pelvic floor care, stretches), so you’re not wasting your precious workout time.


Your program is based on YOU & the time YOU have. Your injuries, your goals, your fitness & nutrition history and your LIFE. [Because fitness is a small, but VERY important piece of your life.]

Fitness Ladies

You know you need to do things Differently.

You’re here because you know you need a different solution.

Maybe you’ve tried 5, 10, or 20 diets over the last decade and you are sick and tired of rules, obsession and thinking about food constantly. Maybe you’ve gathered so much information about nutrition that you feel paralyzed and scared you are messing things up every second, so you throw up your hands and say, screw it, why bother, and just eat with abandon. Look, I get it.

Muscles & Mindset

In about 2008, after a few years of restrictive eating, bingeing, and purging (and no physique change) and neurotically obsessing about food every second of the day…I decided that I was so miserable, I’d do anything to figure out how to just EAT HEALTHY FOREVER and not stress about it anymore. That was when everything changed.

I’d just spent 2-3 years trying to lose the Freshman 20 I gained at University—white-knuckling my way through, trying to avoid eating altogether, sometimes purging after I binged—when I saw a flyer for nutrition coaching for students offered by my university’s Nutrition department. I’d been following random diets and fitness programs in Fitness magazine trying to lose weight and “tighten up.”

“Dammit, Anne, WHY can’t you just stop eating?? Look at all these people who seem to have no issue doing it! You’re so weak, you can’t even go a day without an after-dinner snack?!”

And the negative self-talk and berating and dieting rules … never worked. I had to finally look in the mirror and see that that was me. The nutrition student I worked with (Billie Hermosa, she’s now a nutritionist, still in Toronto & we are now IG friends) taught me how to eat food and that doing so was OK. It was revolutionary. I was skeptical (and terrified). As scared as I was, I needed a new solution. I was so dang miserable.

"Umm, so I can just like, eat? When I’m hungry?"

And once I started practicing that, I started slowly taking bites of things that were previously “off limits.” I stopped eating when I was full and the binges and purges stopped, too. I started slowly showing myself kindness and moving on after indulgences faster.

I started practicing mindfulness and abundance around food. After a few years of practice, I became someone who ate the same on Saturday as I did on Monday. I looked forward to and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner without guilt or over-eating. I finally experienced food freedom. I went from thinking about food 100% of the day to thinking about it maybe 5%. Things feel automated. Easy. Enjoyable.

And the thing I was terrified of happening–gaining 50 lbs overnight and losing control!–did not happen. I found that I could trust myself around food, and that food did not have power over me. That I could handle any food situation at anytime. As a result, I lost 20 lbs which I attribute to my nutrition and gained 10 lbs of muscle, which I attribute to learning how to strength train.

Since then, I have reverse-engineered my process and worked with hundreds of clients to perfect the system. It truly is magical, if you have the courage to try a new way. It’s changed the lives of hundreds of women over the past 3 years and I want you to experience it, too. I hope you join us.

Book a free consultation

We are passionate believers in helping people reach their greatest potential. With an emphasis on personal growth, we offer an array of services that are tailored to each individual’s needs. Our mission is to provide guidance, support, and resources to help people realize their dreams, and create the life they’ve always wanted. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you reach your goals, feel free to book a free consultation call. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Outdoor Fitness


  • You believe you have to ‘do more cardio’ to lose fat or ‘stretch more’ to get rid of your aches & pains.

  • You feel like you need permission to take time for yourself & you’re not quite comfortable doing that yet.

  • You think YOU have to do all. the. things. or no one else will.

  • You just want to fit comfortably into your clothes.

  • You crave the energy to dance and play with your kids or jump up & run around with your dog.


A complicated, restrictive meal plan

Hours in a gym

A cookie-cutter program

To get injured, feel lost & unsupported

To be fed a bunch of B.S. about what you can & cannot eat
or how many calories you have to burn




My team (Certified Fitness Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, admin, and myself) and I are but a message away, here to cheer for you, with your highest interests at heart.


Learn to eat with ease and empower yourself by unlearning any binge eating, diet culture, emotional eating, negative body image, over OR under eating habits you’re bringin’ to the table.


A strong, balanced, mobile body is the goal. Gain strength by being held accountable to do your challenging, yet reasonable, strength-training workouts that are designed just for you, the equipment, and the time you have.


Tune in and up-level your connection with yourself through my tried and true FIT (Fully In Tune) Method Inner Conditioning Training delivered by me, live, to you.


empathic, understanding, validating, motivational

and most importantly, they’ve all undergone their own transformation
so they know exactly how you feel.

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  Regular 1:1 zoom calls with your coaches, scheduled for a time that is convenient for you, so you troubleshoot on the fly what’s working for you.

✔   Daily ongoing communication with your coaches between calls to make sure things are going well, and if they aren’t, not to be hard on you (lol) but instead to troubleshoot something that will work better. (THIS is why I’m a huge fan of 1:1 coaching because honestly if something isn’t working, we change it in real time!)

✔   Access to Muscles & Mindset course materials.

✔   Regular check-ins on how you’re doing with the new behaviours and troubleshooting if needed. This program is the OPPOSITE of a rigid meal plan or strict food list.


Your coach will be providing ideas, inspiration and most importantly, the tactical tools to make sure you can actually do this and are successful.

When can you start?


You and I, invest in each other for the long termWe are a team now. I want to make sure – for you and I both –that this is RIGHT FOR YOU. Apply below if you think we belong together.

Custom Options

  • 6 to 12+ months
  • Unlimited Weekly Workouts
  • Immediate, lifetime access to my comprehensive Muscles & Mindset course and virtual studio
  • 1:1 Accountability, Fitness, Mindset, & Nutrition Coaching
  • Access to our exclusive community of like-minded women in our custom app
  • Completely customized, individualized programming based on the following:
Your Goals; The time you have; The equipment you have; and
Your fitness experience & injuries.
  • Onboarding Calls with your 1:1 fitness and/or nutrition coach
  • Daily and Weekly check-ins in our custom app
  • Personal 1:1 weekly check-ins
  • Regular Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to Anne’s Secret Knowledge Vault
  • Customized Recipe Books Created by your Nutrition Coach

What do you LOVE about Muscles + Mindset?

Told myself I'm strong and beautiful. Put on my bathing suit, grabbed a corona and went up to the pool feeling hot AF-
Officially hit ten pounds down from my heaviest in December! 2. Got two things I was dreading out of the way: root canal and corporate taxes! 3. I packed for this trip the most stress free I've ever been - I even worked out for an hour before leaving! - Rachel
1:1 coaching

1:1 Coaching

At Anne Jones, we strive to provide every client with a plan to help them reach their fitness and nutrition goals. My team and I offer free consultations, so you can get started right away. We specialize in helping you create a plan that is tailored to your needs and fits into your lifestyle. So don't wait,  book a free consultation call with us or email us here and get on the right track

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