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At Anne Jones, we work closely with our clients to help them reach their fitness goals. Our Muscles & Mindset Program is designed to help individuals gain the mental and physical confidence to achieve their goals. Our program includes a combination of nutrition, strength training and other activities to help you reach your peak performance. We believe in our program and have seen amazing results from our clients, which is why we are proud to share their testimonials. Our team of experienced trainers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals and are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Muscles & Mindset Alumna Elise Shares Her Huge Mindset Shifts
Katherine Testimonial  - Anne Jones
Elise's Testimonial with Anne & Muscles & Mindset
Mari Rose Testimonial
Margo's Testimonial for Anne Jones & Muscles & Mindset
Cheri's Testimonial for Anne Jones & Muscles & Mindset
Kaycee's Testimonial with Anne Jones & Muscles & Mindset
"I couldn't live a normal life..." - Kristi Drinovz
“I felt like I was stuck in a rut and I always doing the same thing…" - Line
Muscles & Mindset

What do you LOVE about Muscles + Mindset?

Told myself I'm strong and beautiful. Put on my bathing suit, grabbed a corona and went up to the pool feeling hot AF-
Officially hit ten pounds down from my heaviest in December! 2. Got two things I was dreading out of the way: root canal and corporate taxes! 3. I packed for this trip the most stress free I've ever been - I even worked out for an hour before leaving! - Rachel
Muscles & Mindset