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May 31 - July 31


This 60-Day Fitness Program is designed to help you get stronger, see more muscle definition, stay consistent, & even lose a few inches this summer.

Make no mistake, this program is going to challenge you.

Complete 50 short workouts over the course of 60 days and continue that momentum long afterwards. 


What's Included in #Summer60?

  • Brand new workouts programmed to elicit REAL results—Y'all, these workouts are fire! Weight-training PLUS metabolic conditioning PLUS cardio/HIIT. If you've done any of my other programs, #Summer60 is a combination of lean muscle-building and physique-changing workouts. The program is a full-body split, 4-5 days per week, all workouts will take you 20-40 minutes each.

  • All workouts are delivered on our custom, mobile-friendly app/website that's password protected and easy to access. You can download the workouts as PDFs and keep them for life.

  • Demo videos for each individual workout breaking down the form of each individual movement. These are formatted to help you master form for each movement so you don't have to wonder if you are doing it right or be worried you'll hurt yourself. These demo videos are short and to-the-point so you don't have to spend all day watching videos but instead can get what you need and get into the workout ASAP.

  • A suggested workout calendar to help you build these workouts seamlessly into your week (it's the exact schedule I'll be following with you!) to help keep you on track and give you the room to adjust as needed based on your schedule.

  • Exclusive #Summer60 Recipe Book

  • Connection, accountability and camaraderie via our private community.

  • And so much more!



Last year, more than 40 women joined us.

Last Year, we had the most women ever working out with us.

We challenged one another to show up and get in our quick, challenging, workouts; proving that busy summers don't have to be bloated summers spent on the Lazy River (although there's room for that, too!)

So I'm making it even more accessible and super affordable this year.

#Summer60 is a brand new, 60-day fitness + accountability program to help you get stronger, see more muscle definition, and stay consistent with your training and fiiiinally enjoy a summer while putting yourself first, not last.

All workouts are strength-training based and can be done with bands, bodyweight, or dumbbells - you pick. And they’re all 20-40 minutes in length.

I have removed all the obstacles and I'm challenging you to get to it with us, starting Monday, June 5 with these workouts.


#Summer60 is a Fitness Consistency Challenge...and so much more!

I've run free challenges before. But this time I'm asking you to put a little bit of skin in the game and COMMIT to 60 days (and of course set yourself up for habit change and continued consistency and progress after, which is why this challenge is actually DOABLE and not extreme).

You are starting together on June 5, 2023

I'm providing 4 workouts/week, plus videos to help you with your exercise form, plus a suggested calendar to follow, a special summer mindset course, and, of course, a community of like-minded women doing it right alongside you.

This is ALL about consistency & results.

The goal is to create a fitness routine and challenge yourself by completing short, intense, metabolic conditioning workouts.

These workouts are specifically designed to elicit physique change in 20-40 minutes or less with consistency. These are strength-training workouts, but you will also feel the cardio burn!

There are 2 different TYPES of workouts within the program:

STRENGTH days – focused more on strength-building, these will move a little slower.

SPEED days – these will be sweaty HIIT, metabolic conditioning workouts, sprints, cardio, etc.

You can choose your program to be done with bodyweight or dumbbells.

All workouts can be done with bands, bodyweight, or dumbbells (I suggest one heavy set, one light set).

This is a well-rounded physique-changing and strength program you can download, rinse and repeat a few times a year.

Click the button and let's go!

As always, if you have any questions, you can always email us at


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