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8 week life coaching course

Location: Virtual

Live Sessions: Wednesdays - time TBA

Replays: Available 24/7

Starts: April 3, 2024




  • Do you ever find yourself deeply desiring a life of more joy, abundance, freedom and love but find that the “other shoe” drops as soon as you get it?

  • Do you feel like there is a limit or ceiling on the amount of joy, love and abundance you can have?

  • Do you worry that having “too much” causes people to turn on you and see you as greedy and selfish?

  • Do you fear that if you have more it will leave others with less?

  • Do you feel guilty when your needs and desires are not a match for what others need or think is right?

  • Do you have dreams and desires that you’d love to follow but find yourself waiting for a sign, evidence or permission that gives you the ok to go ahead and follow them?

If you can relate on any level to any of the above, then you are in very good company! I had to learn this the hard way for myself, too.

You see, we all have conditioned limits on what we believe is possible, what is right and wrong and what we believe we deserve. These conditioned limits become our set points. Whenever we bump up against these invisible ceilings, something gets triggered that keeps us from rising past them.

It can be incredibly frustrating! And can lead to much suffering and looking in all the wrong places to find the solution.

We can experience set point limits in any area of our life.

Can you relate?

  • Does it seem like you can never get past a certain body weight?

  • As soon as you bring in more money, an unexpected expense comes up?

  • You are constantly overlooked for promotions at work?

  • Just when life seems to be going well and you are feeling on track, family chaos derails you?

  • Whenever you feel happy in love, you sabotage it by picking a fight or worrying about losing the love?

  • Every time you make yourself a priority, somebody’s needs become more important than yours and you have to de-prioritize yourself?

  • Have you been working out consistently but you’re anxious because you know once you’re consistent for a while, eventually something happens that throws you off track?

girl I got you.png


If you are tired of nothing ever really working and are ready for a whole new approach that tackles the root issue on 5 different levels, then you are in luck, my friend.

Our blocks to abundance and joy can run deep. Which is why I’m offering an 8 week deep dive on how to excavate these deeply rooted blocks for good while creating space for limitless abundance and joy.

Can you even imagine??

To do this work effectively, we will be approaching it on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic level. No more limited approaches that create only limited success.

If you are ready to truly break through the limits and barriers that are keeping a lid on your joy, abundance and freedom, then join me for RISE.

During our time together, you will:

  • Identify your set point limits (that ceiling of success you hit when you begin to self sabotage) AND learn the tools and techniques to clear them;

  • Learn how to create space for deep levels of abundance and joy;

  • Shift from living in limitation and lack to allowing abundance (in all forms - your body, your career, your life, parenting, relationships…), no matter your starting point or your circumstances;

  • Learn how to move out of the outdated model of “right vs wrong” and into a much simpler method of “knowing,” that is for the highest good of all;

  • Learn how to understand and regulate your Nervous System so that you can hit your body and life goals with less stress and more peace;

  • Learn how to put an end to self sacrifice and self sabotage;

  • Come away with your personalized recipe for high-vibe living, complete with a simple, practical action plan...

This value packed course offered for the first time by Anne Jones, will include:
  • 4 x 90 minute Masterclasses with downloadable and printable workbooks.

  • 4 x 90 minute Interactive Sessions to put the learning into practice and get all your questions answered.

  • Recorded tutorials to break up the learning into bite size pieces.

  • Private online RISE course to access all printable and recorded content (enables you to join the course live or take the course on your own time at your own pace).

  • Optional Fitness and Nutrition upgrades so you can complement your program with 8 weeks of workouts and nutrition advice with a Muscles & Mindset coach. Includes a private Trainerize community to engage, ask questions and share with RISE members.

All sessions are virtual. Taught live, recorded, and offered via zoom.

Through this highly supportive and uplifting experience, you will be guided through a proven process to shift you out of limitation and lack into the abundant life you were born to live. You will come away with the knowledge, key mindset shifts, intentional practices, tools and techniques to finally break through the set point limits that keep a lid on the joy and abundance that’s meant for you!

I can't wait for this! 

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I have some nagging injuries and aches/pains, will there be modifications for the workouts?​

YES. I have included modifications or progressions for most movements, so that if you need low-impact options, you got them. And if you need anything at all, you can always message us and we’ll hook you up with an alternative.

Can I do the fitness program at home?

Yes! You can choose to do the program with bodyweight or dumbbells. If you have at least one set of moderate dumbbells, you can do this. BUT, I’d prefer you had at least 2 sets of dumbbells—one heavy and one light.

How many workouts are included?

I'm not a fan of giving new workouts every single week. It’s honestly not enough overload to actually get you results, AND it requires a lot of learning new stuff each week. Which, as my goal is to LOWER the barrier to entry to help you actually stay consistent, I’m not going to give you new shit to learn week after week. PLUS, I want you to be able to do the same workout a few times so that you can try to go heavier and/or faster and/or more intense. And of course, in order to get results, we need the muscles overloaded to elicit change. Too much variation and there is no progress. There are 15 body weight, and 15 dumbbell workouts included.

What if we’re doing another coaching or fitness program? Can I do both?

I don’t love the idea of you doing two programs at the same time, especially because the goal of this challenge is to workout four days a week for 20-30 minutes a day, so that you can see results! That's enough, girl, chill! So if you are doing other things, maybe don’t double up on those days, but instead sprinkle these workouts in as you are able and make sure you are recovering! Rest, eat, sleep, walk, and manage your stress. BUT, of course you can download these workouts and have lifetime access to them, so you can always come back and do them later, OR resume what you were doing before after these 6 weeks.

I want to lose weight, will this program help?

This program is designed to help you to develop a rock-solid mindset so that you can reach any fat loss goal (and keep it off for good!) and teach you how to remove Self Sabotage from your life. This program is designed to help you to develop a rock-solid mindset so that you can reach any fat loss goal (and keep it off for good!) and teach you how to remove Self Sabotage from your life. The fitness program is designed to help you build lean muscle and add curves, while also using efficient training to burn fat. So the scale may or may not move. BUT, I can tell you…you’re gonna look different! These workouts are simple, but they are not easy. If you have been doing mostly cardio or been inconsistent recently, your body will respond to these, fo sho!

Is there any nutrition coaching that comes with this?

Yes! Opt for the RISE + Nutrition program add-on which includes 1:1 nutrition calls, coaching and protocols during the 8 weeks!

When can I start the course and workouts and how long do I have access?

The program begins April 3, the day of our first call. Workouts will be delivered to the online membership portal on April 3rd. Once you enroll, you have access to the course for as long as it exists and the workouts until June 1st. You can download the workouts so you can repeat the program as many times as you want.


Starts April 3, 2024

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