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Get Unstuck Survey
Most women don't even know why they're stuck.


Let me guess, this is where you are now:

  • You call yourself "unmotivated" and you don't know how to manage your stress

  • You are not seeing the results you want from your current 'routine'

  • Everyone else's needs are more important than your own

  • You feel overworked to the point of burnout & exhaustion

  • You just don't know where to start to address... all of the above


This is where you desire to be:

  • You want to FEEL and LOOK fit AF. in the bedroom and in the changeroom

  • You want to be confident in the

  • You want to put yourself first when it matters

  • You want to ENJOY chips without eating the entire bag every time

  • You want to be a role model for your kids


How to Get Unstuck:

This survey is an opportunity to illuminate what is getting between you and your dream body and lifestyle. We have helped 100s of women to double their strength, lose weight and stop binge eating via brain rewiring, intuitive eating and strength training, and founded Muscles & Mindset, which is my signature 6-month program to help women find food freedom, and lose 10-30 lb for good.


Take this opportunity to reflect on the questions below so that we can help you to identify realistic, tangible fitness and health goals and create your future vision.


Please fill out the following questions in as much detail as possible! 

How important is it for you, at this moment, to achieve your goals and change your lifestyle for good?
Are you seeing the results you desire from doing the above routine?
Are you the type of person who financially prioritizes your self care or are you more likely to spend money on something else?
Are you open to getting on a 10-minute call with our Program Expert to see if we can support you? This is how we determine if/how we can help you. Are you open to discussing your goals and needs with Geri first to be sure we are the best fit for you?

Thanks! We’ll contact you shortly.

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