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5 Things That Make Me ‘Click’

The Click is like the click a grenade makes right before it explodes – that thing that turns over inside of you right before you dig deep, explode, and give it your all.

I can think of five instances in my life where I distinctly felt, or still feel, The Click:

Teaching Zumba FItness at a Port Moody Zumbathon

  1. I was running the 400-metre dash on Track and Field Day in Grade Sixish. My mom appeared halfway through and cheered for me at the moment I needed it most, giving me that burst to the finish line, and I won. At least I won in my memory, I probably came in second.

  2. I am in a yoga class attempting a challenging arm balance or posture. I am usually sweaty, and by that point, tired, but I close my eyes, take a breath, and get a little higher or hold a little longer than I did the last time. (Please know that this equates to inner strength; The Click is not physically pushing yourself past appropriate.)

  3. I am in a good indoor cycling class and the beat of a great song drops. The music is the key. The instructor can be dancing naked or reading inspiring Brene Brown quotes, but that doesn’t do it, the music does it. The beat drops, I feel The Click, and realize I can go harder for just another minute. I feel my body go anaerobic and I go as hard as I can for as long as I can.

  4. When I taught Zumba Fitness, if I had a big class or a large crowd and, again, the song was awesome, and the beat dropped, I would feel The Click. I would dance bigger and jump higher than even I expected.

  5. I was delivering my baby. I felt like I was done, I wasn’t made to do it, I couldn’t do it. I thought maybe I could just stop and it would sort itself out. (…No.) But my husband and my mom were cheering me on and ‘Alive’ by Sia was playing; the combination gave me The Click and I dug deep for that final push.

You may have picked up that The Click is physical intensity. It is also pure joy. But it is not just a big moment like your first scuba dive or your wedding day. The Click is that turnover in your brain, like the spoon in a grenade, that gives you a physical push. The Click is one of the reasons I love exercise and fitness – it brings something out you did not know what inside of you. The result is insane pride and joy.

Please know that, for me, The Click is balanced with a healthy dose of magazine-reading, Netflix, quiet time, and Yin Yoga. We don’t want to always be stimulated to the brink; it would steal the joy from when The Click really does happen.If you have not found that ‘thing’ that makes you click (and it is rare, it will not necessarily happen every month or week), or if you have never felt it at all, I encourage you to keep looking.

Find The Click, feel the joy, and then go back for more.

When have you felt The Click?


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